Petitioning for a Kappa Tau Alpha Chapter

The KTA constitution provides for the establishment of chapters at four-year degree-granting institutions accredited by the appropriate regional agency (i.e., New England Association of Colleges, Middle States, North Central, Southern, Northwest or Western) that offer a major in journalism or mass communication.

Applications must include information about the standing of the institution and the mass communication/journalism program (including measures of student quality, admission and graduation standards, courses of study and the department's history, faculty, facilities, degree programs, enrollment and alumni) and must be accompanied by catalog/bulletins information, either in printed form or by link to a web site).

KTA is particularly concerned about the quality of the students, the scholarly activity of the faculty, the adequacy of the facilities and the nature of the curriculum. Most of the Society's chapters are housed in programs accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC).

Interested institutions submit applications to the Executive Director, who begins a preliminary review. Only applications submitted by authorized faculty members will be considered. If the preliminary review is favorable, a formal vote of the National Council, which consists of the chapter advisers and the national officers, will be conducted.

Following that review, the applicant prepares a much shorter version of the application (no more than six pages) for emailing to the National Council. Further instructions about format will be forwarded following a successful preliminary review.

The preliminary review normally takes about a month, but may take much longer depending on the need for additional information or clarification. Voting by National Council members will take at least 30 days from receipt of summary application materials.

Prior to the National Council vote, the head of the unit (i.e., department, school, college) must submit a letter to the Executive Director formally requesting, and indicating university support of, a chapter of Kappa Tau Alpha. The letter must include a statement that the faculty has discussed the application and voted to support it. The letter also must indicate how you will "institutionalize" Kappa Tau Alpha (that is, what formal procedures will you take to recognize new initiates; e.g., honors banquet or luncheon, formal initiation ceremony, special recognition at commencement).

KTA Chapter Application Check List

Specific Information that must be included in a chapter application:

  1. University catalog/bulletin information, either printed or accessible via the web.
  2. Descriptions of journalism/mass comm courses
  3. Curriculum requirements (e.g., what j/mc courses are required for the degree)
  4. Thumbnail faculty biographies that include: terminal degree (and from what institution) and teaching & research specialties
  5. Summary of faculty productivity (over, say, the last 5 years). That is, for the faculty combined, how many refereed journal articles, refereed convention papers, research-based books, etc., have been produced; other scholarly and professional achievements (e.g., AEJMC panelist, discussant, invited speaker).
  6. Data about student quality:
    1. campuswide, e.g., as evidenced by freshman SAT/ACT scores
    2. within j/mc program, compared to campus (e.g., how do j/mc student GPAs compare with other majors on campus)
  7. History of the j/mc program
  8. Administration of the j/mc program. e.g., is it a part of a larger unit or a free-standing academic unit reporting directly to the university's chief academic officer

Much of the information likely will be available in various publications prepared by the university or your program.

Send application materials to:

Dr. Beverly J. Horvit,
Executive Director
Kappa Tau Alpha
School of Journalism
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211-1200

Phone: (573) 882-7685